is a website dedicated to provideing children and teens with information about ways to deal with the loss of a pet. It includes an eleven minute instructional video, "A Hole In My Heart; A Child's Guide to Pet Loss", that offers ways to cope with the death of a beloved pet, and identifies some specific ways in which they can celebrate the life that they shared.












Elizabeth Hauser

Elizabeth lives in Colorado where she enjoys reading, creative writing, acting, playing the piano, and drawing and painting. She spends her free time riding horses, playing with her dogs, and skiing.

Elizabeth acted as producer for "A Hole In My Heart; A Child's Guide to Pet Loss".

Producer's Statement

The loss of a beloved pet is a heartbreaking experience. For children in the family, the death of a pet represents the loss of a best friend, protector, and confidante. When I lost my dog Bubba, in February of 2006, I was devastated and became physically ill. Luckily, I had wonderful support from my family, teachers, and friends. While I will always miss Bubba, the hole in my heart is healing. However; not all children are as fortunate to have such a strong network of support as I had. In February of 2008 I was selected by The Davidson Institute for Talent Development, a national organization, to complete a proposed service project. My project was a video production for children whose pets have died, presented from a child's experience and point of view. I wish something like the video on this site had been available when I lost my Bubba. I hope that children and their families find the information helpful in learning to accept the death of a pet.


Bubba Hauser

In loving memory of Bubba.